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Lash Extensions Training:

You have tried the rest, now use the best.

JB Lashes Lash Extensions increase the length and volume of your natural lashes by adding individual lightweight lash extensions.

This is a pain-free procedure, weightless on your eyes, resistant to showering, perspiration, exercise, tears and swimming. The lash extensions are semi-permanent and can last for 4-6 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes. They fall out naturally with your own eyelashes.  These lashes are luxuriously rich and dramatic, and look identical to natural human eyelashes and we offer Premium, Mink, Crown and Y-lashes and we have four widths (.10, .15, .20, .25) and nine lengths(7mm to 16mm) in ten different colours.

Whatever look the clients require we can provide

JB Lashes Lash Extensions are for professional use only, and must be applied by a trained and certified professional.  The procedure takes an hour to an hour and a half for a full set of lash extensions.  It involves bonding one lash at a time onto your existing eyelashes, creating a vibrant and dramatic but natural-looking effect. The bonding agent is unlike anything you've experienced before - longer life, no clumping.

JB Lashes online marketing:

  • Once you are a certified JB Lashes Lash Extension Professional you and your salon will be listed on our website.
  • Many prospective clients are searching the Internet for eyelash extension services.  We'll refer prospective clients in your area to you.

 Training & Certification

JB Lashes is committed to providing the highest quality products and this commitment is reinforced by the fact that we will not sell products to anyone who is not trained and certified by us. Our emphasis is on safety and proper technique, through our required hands-on training program. The all-day hands-on training is very extensive and covers everything from basic to advanced application techniques, the secrets of JB lash extensions, preparation, application, bonding, sealing, and product knowledge, caring for the lashes, removal and marketing.

JB Lashes offers not only the hottest new product on the market but also a way for you to increase your profitability.   


R5500 incl. VAT and training  gives you all the products which will enable you to learn the innovative technique of Semi-permanent individual lash extensions and to start your lash extension business.

  • Pro-bonding Glue,
  • Gel Bond Remover,
  • Premium Black Lashes- in 8mm,10mm C Curl,
  • Premium Black Lashes- in 12mm,13mm J Curl
  • Mink Black Lashes – 11mm J Curl
  • Plastic Mascara Brushes (10)                               
  • Tweezers - Straight(1),
  • Tweezers - Bended(1),
  • Jade Stone (1),
  • 3M Tape (1),
  • Mini Scissor,  
  • Lash Silicon Platform
  • Lint-free Eye Gel Patches(1),
  • Surgical Face Mask (2),
  • Practice Eyelashes,
  • Air Pump
  • Micro-Brush Swabs(10),
  • JB Brochures (10),
  • Thank You Cards (1)
  • Extensions Case


Training is an all day, hands-on extensive training workshop that is designed to perfect your eyelash extension technique, teach you the secret to lash extensions, sealing, product knowledge, caring for the lashes, removal, marketing, and live procedure practice.

Depending on your location as well as how many require training we train at your salon.

Lash Extension Costs:

The client’s requirements as to the number of lash extensions that will determine how much application you will get out of a kit.

The price you charge will depend on the application.

We recommend that you charge between R450-R800.

In London prices range from £60-£150 and in the USA $90-$550.

The average price for JB Lash Extensions is R500 up to R800 plus, depending on what type of application is required as well as location of your business.

For more information, please contact:

Nina-Justine von Wielligh


LASH EXTENSIONS? Eye Lash Extensions - Eyelashes

Eyelash Extensions



Come for a Half Leg hair removal at R900 per session and receive the bikini and underarms FREE.

Come for a Bikini Hair Removal at R500 and receive the underarms FREE.

Come for three body area hair removal permanent hair removal at R9000 once off for a full years worth of treatments.


Come for a full set of lashes and receive your first two week fill at half price. 

Lash Beauty | Best Lash Extensions - by Nina's Dermal Institute (NDI)/ Laserlash Studio


Eyelashes are a girl's best friend. 

Welcome to EyeLash Extensions Cape Town - best eyelash extensions. is the most popular and one of the most visited eyelash extensions websites in South Africa. Visit the Eyelash Extensions Photo Gallery to see work created by our Certified Eyelash Extensions Stylist - Nina-Justine von Wielligh. Visit the Eyelash Extension Salons page to find a Certified Lash Stylist in your area. Eyelashes | Eye Lash | EyeLash Extensions | Lash Beauty | Best Lash Extensions - by Nina's Dermal Institute (NDI) Welcome to EyeLash Extensions Cape Town - best eyelash extensions.

Get the Celebrity Eyelash Extension Look from Lash Extensions Cape Town. 

Eyelash extensions are the newest way of creating natural looking, long, lasting and full lashes. These Semi-permanent lash extensions are used to create different looks for different individuals’ eyelashes. Eyelashes are made thicker and longer through professional application of an individual eyelash directly attached to the natural eyelashes with a specially formulated bonding agent. Whatever the occasion, Eyelash Extensions enhance your natural eyelashes beauty without changing who you are.

Eyelash extensions are for professional use only, and one should ensure that the professional is accredited to do so. Applying eyelash extensions to your own eye lashes can result in discomfort or injury to your natural eyelashes. A good professional should take 1h30min + to do a full set of individual eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions differ from the old fake individual eyelashes as these are bonded to the individual eyelashes and not to the skin above the eyelashes. The eyelash extension glue also differs as it is formulated to suit bonding to natural lashes and lasts up to two months.

Make-up can safely be used with Individual lashes and there are products available that compliment and prolong the length of your individual eyelash extensions. Lash extension mascara is available, that is an oil-free mascara and will not deslove the eyelash extension glue. Oil-free eye make-up remover is a must, as these also do not desolve the eyelash extension glue.

There are different styles of eyelash extensions available, from natural to xtreme lashes eyelash extensions. To create an xtreme lashes eyelash extentions look, thicker and longer lashes are used. For a more natural individual eyelash extension, thinner and shorter individual eyelashes are used.

Eyelash Extensions are a great alternative to daily mascara wearers, as you can now swim, shower and perspire, without worrying about mascara smudges, and still look as though you have just applied make-up. For those who still feel that they would like to apply mascara, we offer daily as well as 7 day mascara that you can apply to the Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash extension costs vary from salon to salon and is dependant on how they charge for the extensions. Some salons charge per set and some per lash, which means that the lash extension prices would depend on the about of individual lashes that the extensionist uses. Read more about pricing.

If you would also like to have natural looking and lasting lash extensions, contact us today on 021-903-3606

Allow us to aid you in your path to obtaining beautiful looking eyelash extensions.

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Eye Lashes by Nina

Hi, I am Nina-Justine von Wielligh, owner of NDI and your expert in creating beautiful lashes. Call us on 0219033606 or email me at

Client Testimonials


Little.Harlequin ‏@Littleharlequin
A big thank you to @laserandlashes for the epic lashes and to @picklephoto for an unbelievable sunset Bikini/Wild shoot

Little.Harlequin: ‏@LittleharlequinA big thank you to @laserandlashes for the epic lashes and to @picklephoto for an unbelievable sunset Bikini/Wild shoot 


"I started getting lash extensions whilst living in Bloemfontein. When I moved down to Cape Town a year ago, I struggled to find someone to do my lashes the way I like them. I then heared about Nina from a mutual friend and called her for an appointment. I have not looked back since. My lashes look natural yet dramatic and she really listens to what I want. Together, we have experimented with different looks and I am truly happy to say that she rocks. Thank you again for always giving great service." Jeanne Flynn - Professional Model

"I received a gift voucher to have lashes done at NDI in 2009 and was very sceptical at first as I work with clients every day and did not want my look to change too much. I decided to go for the extensions whilst on holiday as to test what I thought about them. It suffices to say that I am extatic. I am so addicted to having my extentions that I make a point of going for regular fills and everywhere I go, be it clients or personal, people always comment on how great my eyes look" Carla Smit - Marketing Manager

"I wear glasses and have always had very sensitive eyes, which is why I wanted to try lash extensions as an alternative to mascara, because most of them scratched my eyes after a few hours' wear. I went for my first set of extensions and told Nina exactly what I wanted. She was gracious and understanding and built my lashes to my exact specifications and I have not missed an appointment since" Maresa Fourie - Marketing Developer SLCSA.

"When I first went to Nina for my lashes, she used very natural looking lashes and because I like a very dramatic look, I asked her to get thicker lashes. By the time I had my next fill, she had gotten the thicker lashes and I got the dramatic effect that I wanted. I will never go to anyone else ever" Evelyn - Evelyn's Transport

"Lashes by Nina always looks perfect, natural and they last - thank you girl" Adele Liebenberg - Accountant


Lash Extensions are the perfect solution to not having to wear mascara again - no smudging, reapplying or struggling to create the perfect look, because we do it for you.


EYELASH EXTENSIONS       All first time appointments include a FREE Lash Tint
The Cat Woman 38 JB Lashes 250 A half-eye application of end lashes to create the purr-fect cat’s eye look.
(45 lashes per eye; 45-minute appointment)
The Wonder Woman 39 JB Lashes 400 A natural look that will get you noticed – and give them something to wonder about.
(Up to 60 lashes per eye; one-hour appointment)
The Bat Girl 40 JB Lashes 450 Bat some fierce lashes with this full application for simply amazing eyes.
(60-100 lashes per eye, 90-minute appointment)
Ms. LashedOut 41 JB Lashes 550 The ultimate, the most, the lushest, the LadyLash…
(100+ lashes per eye; two-hour appointment)
The LashedOut Superwoman 42 JB Lashes 1400 This packed package includes a full set of lashes (Wonder Woman, Bat Girl or Ms. LashesOut), plus three months of bi-monthly touch-ups (6 total)
EYELASH EXTENSION TOUCH-UPS       Touch-ups are recommended every 1-4 weeks depending on the number of lashes in your original application; must have at least 50% of your original extensions remaining.
The Mini 43 JB Lashes 150 up to 15 lashes per eye
The Midi 44 JB Lashes 250 up to 25 lashes per eye
The Maxi 45 JB Lashes 350 up to 75 lashes per eye
Non-client Lash Removal 46   150 which we’ll credit toward a set of our own LashedOut

Please contact us on +27219033606 or email to

Lash extension Gift Vouchers are also available, which make the perfect gift for a special occasion.


Lash Extension Before and After Photos as done by Nina:

Also See: Before and After Photos

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